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Stand By letter of Credit SBLC

A standby letter of credit is considered quite suitable for a wide range of secure payments making it quite a flexible tool. Most commonly, it is used for international trade purposes for providing assurance to the party that it will receive the payment whatever the case it. Having said this, there are quite a few complexities involved in a standby letter of credit. This suggests that it is necessary to have a consultation with an expert in case complete information is not available regarding the procedure. Here are certain types of a standby letter of credit which are mentioned below:

Bank Guarantee- BG

A direct guarantee is one where a bank is asked to provide a guarantee by its account holder, in favour of the beneficiary.

In an indirect guarantee, a second bank issues a guarantee in return for an already issued guarantee. When the second bank suffers losses when a claim is made against a guarantee, the issuing bank will make sure that it compensates all the losses.

Guarantees provide comfort to the beneficiary; in case the applicant fails to meet his obligations (either financially or by performance) as per the contract made between the applicant and the beneficiary, the beneficiary will have the guarantee to turn to for payment.

Having a guarantee issued in support of a client’s transaction can help the client grow and expand their business by postponing current payments for goods and/or services to a later date, provide comfort to buyers, allow clients to bid on transaction , without requiring that ITF’s clients tie up their available cash.

Following are the different bank guarantee types that are available

There are certain terms and conditions that the guarantee by the bank is subject to. This stipulates that it is mandatory for the ban to pay the beneficiary the fixed amount promised on the behalf of the client once the conditions are satisfied.

Letter of Credit (At Sight / Usance)

A documentary letter of credit is a really crucial financial instrument for meeting the short-term needs. It enables the recipients for obtaining the important credit for financing the project. The recipients hope of getting sufficient return for settling the due amount in the provided time frame. The documentary letter of credit showcases the documents and information that are needed by the beneficiary on presentation which includes the expiry information like date and time of the letter. The compliant presentation is a kind of guarantee given to the beneficiary by the documentary letter of credit for in order to get paid. The only criterion is that the delivery conditions should be met. We provide support for Issuance of LC at Sight and Usance LC thru our networked Financial Institutions.
Proof of funds
Proof of funds is a bank statement or a document that demonstrates that a company or a person has the money to finalize the transaction. The purpose of the document is to ensure that the financial ability that is required for the transaction is legitimate and procurable. The document is mostly used for funding those projects that require a huge amount of money for investing, often for real estate transactions
Ready willing and able
Ready willing and able (RWA) is a document that a bank or a financial institution issues on the clients’ behalf. The document showcases the capability and intent (both financially and legally) for entering into the financial transactions. The RWA’s are also referred to as the bank comfort letters.

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